What We Do

As the electoral arm of the Virginia LCV family, the nonpartisan Virginia League of Conservation Voters PAC strives for a conservation majority in state government by endorsing, supporting, and working to elect conservation champions to office here in the Commonwealth.

By ensuring Virginians’ conservation values are represented at Virginia’s General Assembly and at the Executive Branch level in Virginia, we help shape the political framework that ensures long-term victories for Virginia’s clean air, clean water and protected open spaces.

Why It Matters

As an organization, Virginia LCV protects resources important to all Virginians: clean air and water, thriving communities and rural landscapes, productive farms and forests, historic battlefields and Main Streets, and ample public lands and recreation.

Safeguarding these conservation priorities is not possible without the correct political dynamic, which is why it’s so vitally important we elect officials committed to conservation and willing to provide consistent leadership to protect, preserve and improve Virginia’s environment. This is the vital role that the Virginia LCV PAC plays in our state’s environmental community, which we can only continue to do with the support of conservationists like you.